Red Devil


A vertical engine with an open-sided crankcase, a side-shaft with its wabbel-plate cam on top and a fly-ball governor, makes this model unique and very desirable among engine collectors.


The 1903 Red Devil was made by Cavanaugh Darley Gas and Gasoline Engine Company in Chicago, Illinois. This particular engine manufacturer was no longer heard of after 1904.

This engine is approximately 1/3 scale, a 2-½-horse power engine. The bore is 1-1/4" the stroke is 1-3/4". The flywheel is 8-1/8" in diameter. The model stands 17” tall and weighs 26 lbs. completed. This model runs on white gas or propane.

Additional Photos

Completed Red Devil Models from our Kit by other Machinists

First Two Red Devil Models Running:

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